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  1. Kazinris Reply

    films (two thousand and nineteen) January: # Ant-Man () # Ant-Man and the Wasp () # Deadpool () Deadpool 2 () Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse () February: # Pitch Perfect () # Sherlock Holmes () # Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows () March: 21 ().

  2. Vudomuro Reply

    Nov 14,  · To answer your question directly as you expected: Split the words. Seventy Thousand & Ninety Nine Hundred - 70, & this is 79, But this is the wrong way of calling a number. The answer your question correctly: Calling it Seventy Thou.

  3. Jujind Reply

    Two Thousand and Nineteen *84 Two Thousand and Nineteen * Book £ + £5 postage. International deliveries get in touch Two Thousand and Nineteen * Erase Years Off Your Mind in Days. PCS & TWU. Selling Crass Tees to Upper Class Kids. I Used to Think You Were Normal.

  4. Vigis Reply

    Feb 16,  · While “two thousand nineteen” could sound slightly more formal, both are correct. Don’t go anywhere just yet! But don’t go anywhere just yet, because the answer is not always “either one.” It gets a little tricky sometimes. Let’s take the example of Here, it would sound extremely formal to say “one thousand nine hundred.

  5. Magul Reply

    It's Twenty Twenty, not Two Thousand and Twenty. 87 likes. stop saying Two Thousand and Seventeen! was Ten seventeen, was Nineteen .

  6. Meztiran Reply

    Mar 14,  · zero => 0 one => 1 negative one => -1 nine => 9 ten => 10 negative seventeen => twenty-seven => 27 one hundred => one hundred and one => negative one hundred and nineteen => four hundred and ninety-five thousand, three hundred and thirty-three => two hundred million => two hundred million and twenty-two => two hundred million, two thousand and two.

  7. Faushicage Reply

    2, - two thousand, one hundred. Thousands and Millions Use 1, and 1,, always with 'a' or 'one'. 1, - a thousand / one thousand , - two hundred and one thousand. Use commas as a separator. 57,, The Number 1,,, In English this number is a billion.

  8. Moogujora Reply

    It's Twenty Nineteen, not Two Thousand and Nineteen. 89 likes · 1 talking about this. stop saying Two Thousand and Seventeen! was Ten seventeen, was Nineteen Seventy six. It's TWENTY.

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