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    AllMusic Review by Erick Fromer Thanks to producer Jim Dickinson, Clawhammer's Hold Your Tongue (And Say Apple) is much more of a sleazy rock & roll album than the group's previous releases, which isn't necessarily a good thing.5/

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    If you're a city dweller, you see these dirty little birds hopping around every day — might as well know why they look the way they do! Find out what makes pigeon throats shine, and how.

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    One day, he came out to his car, and it was completely covered in bird shit. Like, so bad that everyone made fun of him for it. People left notes on his car about it. So, of course, he wrote a song about it. The song was cleverly titled "The Day It Rained Pigeon Shit" and involved a whole lot of yelling.

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    ‘n his tail clawed the evenin’ like uh hammer His wings took t’ air like uh bomber ‘n my rain can caught me uh cup uh water When I got into town Odd jobs mam ah yer horse I’ll fodder I’m the round house man I once was yer father Uh little up the road uh wooden Candy stripe barber pole ‘n above it read uh sign “Painless Parker”.

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    Mar 11,  · "The Pigeon Song" by Richard Johnson Pigeons. Pigeons are we. We like to fly, but not in the sea. Pigeons. Pigeons are you. We like to eat corn, not your poo. Pigeons on the boat. Pigeons in your coat. Pigeons on the bridge. Pigeons in your fridge. Pigeons on your hair. Pigeons everywhere. Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons. Purr, purr, purr.

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    Popular or famous Claw Hammer music songs: Sick Fish Belly Up, All Blues, Caravan Lyrics, Malthusian Blues, Nightmare, Warm Spring Night, When Dan's In Town. More music lyrics and songs Mr. Pizzazz, The Day It Rained Pigeon Shit, Sugar Breath, Mongoloid, Pumping, Three Fifteen, Come Back Jones Lyrics. More music lyrics and songs Spawning of a.

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