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  1. Brarn Reply

    Oct 14,  · The words " Gram Vinyl" have been the cause for many misunderstandings and debate among the audiophile and vinyl records community. Unnecessarily so, I would say, there is nothing magical about heavyweight vinyl, and certainly some myths float over those shiny g stickers on the record covers, but that doesn't mean there are no benefits from pressing g or even g vinyl LP.

  2. Shar Reply

    Dec 04,  · That doesn’t mean there are no benefits to be gained from g, or even g vinyl LP’s. This article hopes to answer some questions concerning vinyl weight. Does Gram Vinyl Sound Better? No. Record weight has very little to do with the sound .

  3. Nakinos Reply

    Step 1: Identify The Record Version. Most albums have been released more than once, resulting in different release versions.. For example, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon has been pressed at least times on vinyl. Some of these releases are worth hundreds of dollars.

  4. Mikashura Reply

    Vinyl is back, no doubt about it. Sales of vinyl records have been soaring, although they still represent only a tiny fraction of the music industry’s revenues: about 2 percent in Is this growth because, as some respected sources breathlessly state—I’m looking at you, Wired magazine—vinyl sounds better than digital media? Or is there some sort of retro-hype going on?

  5. Tagrel Reply

    Nov 12,  · Ok, so now you’re on the frontline and you don’t have a mobile lab with you. You’re in a jumble sale, at a boot fair or a street market. If you’re lucky you’re riffing through the new in stock in Rat Records on a Saturday. If time is not on your side, get a general impression of .

  6. Faezil Reply

    "There's basically nothing you can do to make an hour-long album on one record sound good," Gonsalves said. Vinyl's capable of a lot, but only if the grooves are wide enough for the needle to.

  7. Najinn Reply

    Metal brackets will reinforce the shelf structure and make it more robust. If you cannot get metal brackets, metal crossbars will do. Step 5: LP Dividers. You will need dividers to catalogue or organize your LPs as vinyl record store. Consider buying plastic LP dividers because they will allow you .

  8. Dailabar Reply

    Jul 19,  · The vinyl record has made a huge comeback. From its warm sound to the thrill of digging in record stores for rare LPs, folks are still finding value in this once-fading format. We.

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