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    Jan 19, - Famous people playing accordion. See more ideas about Accordion, Famous people, Piano accordion.7 pins.

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    Mônica Feijó é uma cantora baseada em Recife que começou de mãos dadas com o movimento manguebeat desde seu início, foi backing vocal da banda Faces do Subúrbio. Em , lançou seu primeiro álbum, Aurora , voltado sonoramente ao manguebeat, foi apontada pela crítica nacional como musa do movimento.O segundo disco, Sambasala, lançado em , inventariou o samba .

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    Pretendemos proseguir un trabajo desinteresado que en ningún momento tiene como propósito contribuir con la piratería discográfica. Las producciones que ofrecemos no han sido reeditadas; sin embargo si se poseen los derechos de propiedad y se ven vulnerados, agradecemos informar a través del email y se procederá a la eliminación de la entrada respectiva.

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    From: Moritz R Subject: (exotica) audio formats Date: + My friend Bernd just told me about an experimant they made recently with all kinds of musicians, music journalists, university music professors, sound engineers and the like. These people were blindfold-tested with the contemporary audio standards, MP3, Mini.

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    Just like I found with the Jankowski LP, the original cuts (as in the title selection) were more interesting than the arrangements of standards. The cover was a bit abused, but I'm glad to have the album. Ebb Tide Earl Grant Decca. Actually I had a stereo copy of this that was very noisy from whence I learned how inventive his arrangements are.

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    Copacabana COLP Here is the second Stereo accented recording, released 15 years after the previously posted. No additional inform.

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    The first stereo LPs In the fall of , Sidney Frey surprised the pubic by releasing the first commercially viable stereo record. The record industry had been trying to decide which of several different methods of stereo reproduction to adopt.

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    Abbey road uses a lot more digital equipment and cut DMM, the sound from here was very different, its hard to define the difference but it had a 'vinyl warmth' but with an extended top and bottom end that was crisper, more like a CD Going into the mastering room with a DAT tape and hearing change from that into a record sound was quite an.

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    When playing an actual lp, the interface of the stylus and the groove creates a great deal of friction which is dissipated as heat. This heat causes the vinyl to actually become fluid. The sound you hear is produced not by the surface of the groove, but rather by the solid part of the groove that is underneath the "fluid" layer of the vinyl.

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